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Fall 2014 Graduate Courses | Fort Worth

Church Music

SYNM Course No. Title Instructor Days Times
5558 MUMST-4960-A MDiv W/ Ch Music Comp Exams  John Simons  
5559 MUMST-4970-A MAW Comprehensive Exams  John Simons  
5560 MUMST-4980-A MACM Comprehensive Exams  John Simons  
5729 MUMST-4990-A MM Comprehensive Exams  John Simons  


5899 COMPN-4500-A Composition Master Class  R. Christopher Teichler M 01:00PM-01:50PM
4873 COMPN-4512-A MM Composition I  R. Christopher Teichler  
4876 COMPN-4542-A MM Composition IV and Recital  R. Christopher Teichler  
5954 COMPN-4970-A MM Research and Writing  R. Christopher Teichler  
4877 COMPN-5512-A Elective Composition  R. Christopher Teichler  


5704 CONDG-4600-A Conducting Master Class  David Thye M 12:00PM-12:50PM
5294 CONDG-4602-A Adv Conducting & Choral Proc  David Thye TTH 11:30AM-12:20PM
4879 CONDG-4631-A Elective Applied Condg: Choral  David Thye  
6500 CONDG-4631-B Elective Applied Condg: Instr  Kurt Sprenger  
4880 CONDG-4632-A Applied Conducting I: Choral  David Thye  
6439 CONDG-4632-B Applied Conducting I: Instr  Kurt Sprenger  
4882 CONDG-4642-A Applied Condng Ii: Instrument  Kurt Sprenger  
5953 CONDG-4680-A M.M. Research and Writing  David Thye  

Ensemble Activities

5600 ENSEM-3010-A SW Master Chorale  David Thye M 07:00PM-09:30PM
5597 ENSEM-3018-A SW Master Chorale  David Thye M 07:00PM-09:30PM
5611 ENSEM-3070-A Guitar Ensemble  Thomas Burchill M 09:00AM-10:40AM
5608 ENSEM-3078-A Guitar Ensemble  Thomas Burchill M 09:00AM-10:40AM
5577 ENSEM-3080-A Combo Lab I   
5574 ENSEM-3088-A Combo Lab I  Quamon Fowler F 02:20PM-03:50PM
5587 ENSEM-3090-A Combo Lab II   
5584 ENSEM-3098-A Combo Lab II  Thomas Burchill M 05:00PM-08:00PM
5948 ENSEM-3608-A Piano Ensemble  Hana Park  
5619 ENSEM-3620-A Orchestra  Garry J. Hardin, II S 10:00AM-11:30AM
5616 ENSEM-3628-A Orchestra  Kurt Sprenger S 10:00AM-11:30AM
5654 ENSEM-3630-A NewSound  Garry J. Hardin, II TTH 03:30PM-04:45PM
5652 ENSEM-3638-A NewSound  Garry J. Hardin, II TTH 03:30PM-04:45PM
5636 ENSEM-3640-A Southwestern Chamber Chorale  Tom Song MW 03:30PM-04:45PM
5630 ENSEM-3650-A Southwestern Singers  John Simons TTHF 03:30PM-04:45PM
5626 ENSEM-3658-A Southwestern Singers  John Simons TTHF 03:30PM-04:45PM
5641 MUSIC-3200-N Chapel Orchestra  Garry J. Hardin, II M
5640 MUSIC-3201-N Chapel Orchestra  Garry J. Hardin, II M
5646 MUSIC-3300-N Chapel Choir  Leonard Day M 03:30PM-05:30PM
5645 MUSIC-3301-N Chapel Choir  Leonard Day M 03:30PM-05:30PM
5647 MUSIC-3308-N Chapel Choir  Leonard Day M 03:30PM-05:30PM

Jazz Studies

6428 JAZCM-4222-A Jazz Styles and Analysis  Garry J. Hardin, II  
5715 JAZCM-4232-A Jazz Improvisation  Garry J. Hardin, II M 02:00PM-03:40PM
4902 JAZPR-4032-A Mm Jazz Studies III - Piano  Arlington Jones  
6436 JAZPR-4032-B Mm Jazz Studies III - Wind Ins  Quamon Fowler  
5998 JAZPR-4282-A Advanced Jazz Improvisation  Arlington Jones  
5572 JAZPR-4900-A Jazz Master Class  Arlington Jones M 09:00AM-09:50AM
4906 JAZPR-5011-A Elec Studio Instrument - Piano  Arlington Jones  
6437 JAZPR-5011-B Elec Studio Instrument - Piano  Arlington Jones  
6489 JAZPR-5011-C Elec Studio Instr - Saxophone  Quamon Fowler  
4907 JAZPR-5012-A Elec Studio Instrument-Piano  Arlington Jones  

Music History

5675 MUHST-3111-A Music History Review I  Jason Runnels WF 07:00AM-08:15AM
5676 MUHST-3121-A Music History Review II  Jason Runnels WF 07:00AM-08:15AM
5677 MUHST-4102-A Introduction to Music Research  Fang-Lan Hsieh TTH 01:00PM-01:50PM
5678 MUHST-4142-A Music in the 19th Century  William Colson WF 08:30AM-09:20AM

Music Ministry

5662 MUMIN-3351-A Supervised Ministry I  Donald Wyrtzen W 11:30AM-12:20PM
5663 MUMIN-3362-A Worship  Scott Aniol TTH 11:30AM-12:20PM
5564 MUMIN-4262-A Comparative Liturgies  Scott Aniol M 02:00PM-03:40PM
5666 MUMIN-4340-A Children's Choir Lab  John Simons M 04:00PM-05:15PM
5563 MUMIN-4342-A Church Music Education I  Robert Pendergraft TTH 02:30PM-03:20PM
5952 MUMIN-4411-A Dir Teach in Child Music Ed  Donald Wyrtzen  
5667 MUMIN-4522-A Arts, Architecture & Aesthetic  Scott Aniol WF 01:00PM-01:50PM
5668 MUMIN-4542-A Worshp Ldr as Pastor and Admi  Tom Song TTH 08:25AM-09:15AM
5669 MUMIN-4571-A Practicum:ldng Instrmtl Grps  Arlington Jones W 11:30AM-12:20PM
5565 MUMIN-4581-A Practicum: Media and Staging  Quamon Fowler F 10:00AM-10:50AM
5660 SPFMU-3101-A Spiritual Formation I-Music  Tom Song W

Music Theory

5947 MUTHY-4970-A MM Research in Writing  William Colson  

New Student Orientation

6206 ORIEN-4000-A Music School Orientation  Allen Lott  

Orchestral Instruments

6043 ORINS-4032-B Mm Instrument III Drums  Garry J. Hardin, II  
4892 ORINS-4032-PA Mm Instrument III - Flute  Garry J. Hardin, II  
4893 ORINS-4092-A Mm Instrument Iv& Recital Drum  Garry J. Hardin, II  
6044 ORINS-4900-A Instrument Master Class  Kurt Sprenger M 01:00PM-01:50PM
6181 ORINS-4900-B Guitar Master Class  Thomas Burchill M 11:00AM-11:50AM
5714 ORINS-4931-A Church Orchestra Practicum I  Garry J. Hardin, II  
6235 ORINS-4941-A Church Orchestra Practicum II  Garry J. Hardin, II  
4894 ORINS-4951-A Instrument - Guitar  Thomas Burchill  
6431 ORINS-4951-B Instrument - Violin  Kurt Sprenger  
6495 ORINS-4951-C Instrument - Guitar  Garry J. Hardin, II  
4896 ORINS-5011-A Elective Instrument - Guitar  Thomas Burchill  
4897 ORINS-5021-A Elective Instrument - Drums  Terence Hobdy   -
4898 ORINS-5032-A Elective Instrument - Violin  Kurt Sprenger  
6432 ORINS-5032-B Elective Instrument - Guitar  Thomas Burchill  
6467 ORINS-5032-C Elective Instrument - Wind  Quamon Fowler  


5718 ORGCL-4741-A Sem in Organ Ped and Prac Tchg  Yoon-Mi Lim  
5720 ORGPR-4700-A Organ Master Class  Yoon-Mi Lim M 01:00PM-01:50PM
4916 ORGPR-4782-A MM Organ III  Yoon-Mi Lim  
4920 ORGPR-5711-A Elective Organ  Yoon-Mi Lim  
4922 ORGPR-5732-A Elective Organ  Yoon-Mi Lim  

Performance Lab

5724 PFMLB-3010-A Performance Laboratory  William Colson F 11:30AM-12:20PM


5693 PIACL-3881-A Accompanying  Robert Smith W 03:00PM-03:50PM
5694 PIACL-4801-A Seminar in Piano Pedagogy I  Jill Sprenger M 09:00AM-09:50AM
5898 PIACL-4811-A Seminar in Piano Literature I  Robert Smith M 01:00PM-01:50PM
6006 PIACL-4811-B Seminar in Piano Literature I  Robert Smith M 01:00PM-01:50PM
5695 PIACL-4861-A Piano Pedagogy Development I  Jill Sprenger M 10:00AM-10:50AM
5946 PIACL-4961-A Adv Piano Pedagogy Strategies  Jill Sprenger  
5955 PIACL-4991-A Special Research in Piano  Robert Smith  
6195 PIAPR-4800-B Piano Master Class  Robert Smith M 12:00PM-12:50PM
6199 PIAPR-4800-C Piano Master Class  Jill Sprenger M 12:00PM-12:50PM
4936 PIAPR-4812-A MM Piano I  Robert Smith  
6453 PIAPR-4812-B MM Piano I  Jill Sprenger  
5995 PIAPR-4822-B Mm Piano II - Pedagogy  Jill Sprenger  
6007 PIAPR-4822-C Mm Piano II - Performance  Robert Smith  
4940 PIAPR-4882-A MM Piano III  Robert Smith  
4941 PIAPR-4892-A MM Piano IV and Recital  Jill Sprenger  
4942 PIAPR-4951-A Piano  Moira Hopfe-Ostensen  
4943 PIAPR-4961-A Piano  Moira Hopfe-Ostensen  
4944 PIAPR-5811-A Elective Piano  Moira Hopfe-Ostensen  
6455 PIAPR-5811-B Elective Piano  Hana Park  


5697 VOICL-3912-A Class Voice I - Music Majors  Carol Aultman TTH 02:30PM-03:20PM
5699 VOICL-3922-A Class Voice II - Music Majors  Faith Watt WF 02:30PM-03:20PM
5703 VOICL-4902-A Voice Pedagogy  Angela Cofer TTH 02:30PM-03:20PM
5701 VOICL-4911-A Seminar in Solo Vocal Lit: I  James Robinson W 11:30AM-12:20PM
5702 VOICL-4952-A Seminar in Voice Pedagogy  Angela Cofer M 02:00PM-03:40PM
6191 VOIPR-4900-B Voice Master Class  James Robinson M 11:00AM-11:50AM
6178 VOIPR-4900-C Voice Master Class  Carol Aultman M 11:00AM-11:50AM
6183 VOIPR-4900-D Voice Master Class  Angela Cofer M 11:00AM-11:50AM
6187 VOIPR-4900-E Voice Master Class  Ronald Montgomery M 11:00AM-11:50AM
4950 VOIPR-4912-A MM Voice I  James Robinson  
6460 VOIPR-4912-B MM Voice I  Leonard Day  
4951 VOIPR-4922-A MM Voice II  Angela Cofer  
4953 VOIPR-4942-A MM Voice Ped IV: Oratorio Lit  Angela Cofer  
4954 VOIPR-4951-A Voice  Ronald Montgomery  
4955 VOIPR-4961-A Voice  James Robinson  
4956 VOIPR-4982-A MM Voice III: Grad Recit  Angela Cofer  
4957 VOIPR-4992-A MM Voice IV: Oratorio Li  Ronald Montgomery  
6447 VOIPR-4992-B Mm Voice Perf IV and Recital  Angela Cofer  
4958 VOIPR-5911-A Elective Voice  Ronald Montgomery  
4960 VOIPR-5931-A Elective Voice  Carol Aultman  
4961 VOIPR-5932-A Elective Voice  James Robinson  
6445 VOIPR-5932-B Elective Voice  Ronald Montgomery  
4962 VOIPR-5941-A Elective Voice  James Robinson  
4963 VOIPR-5942-A Elective Voice  Leonard Day  

Church and Family Ministries

SYNM Course No. Title Instructor Days Times


5322 ADMIN-3313-A Administration and Church Law  Paul Stutz WF 01:00PM-02:15PM
5325 ADMIN-3553-A Leading Evangelistic Small Grp  Andrew Dowden T 06:15PM-09:00PM

Childhood Education

5328 CHDED-4213-A Admin of Early Childhd Prog  Karen Kennemur F
5330 CHDED-4313-A Teaching Min in Early Childhd  Karen Kennemur M 03:00PM-05:45PM

Christian School Education

5345 CSEDU-5403-A Internship in Chrn School Educ  Patricia Nason  
5347 CSEDU-5810-A MACSE Continuous Enrollment  Patricia Nason  
5348 CSEDU-5813-A Thesis in Christian School Edu  Patricia Nason  

Church Recreation

5333 CHREC-4263-A Church Recreation Facilities  Paul Stutz WF 11:30AM-12:45PM
5334 CHREC-4323-A Ministry Through the Outdoors  Waylan Owens M 12:00PM-02:45PM

Collegiate Ministry

5344 COLMN-4393-A Campus Ministry Internship  Max Barnett  


5336 CNSLN-3003-A History of Soul Care and Couns  Mr Dale Johnson WF 01:00PM-02:15PM
5975 CNSLN-3103-A Psychology and Psychotherapy  John Babler TTH 08:30AM-09:45AM
5337 CNSLN-3203-A Principles of Biblical Counsel  Frank Catanzaro WF 08:30AM-09:45AM
5338 CNSLN-3203-B Principles of Biblical Counsel  Frank Catanzaro M 08:00AM-10:45AM
5339 CNSLN-4303-A Grief and Crisis Counseling  John Babler TTH 11:30AM-12:45PM
5341 CNSLN-5002-A Counseling Practicum I  Frank Catanzaro T 06:15PM-08:15PM
5937 CNSLN-5003-A Counseling Practicum I  Frank Catanzaro T 06:15PM-09:00PM

Educational Ministries

5349 EDMIN-3003-A The Ministry of Education  Waylan Owens TTH 01:00PM-02:15PM
5350 EDMIN-3003-B The Ministry of Education  John Derouen M 08:00AM-10:45AM
5351 EDMIN-3013-A Theology of Church and Family  Mr Dale Johnson TTH 11:30AM-12:45PM
5364 SPFEM-3101-A Spiritual Formation I - Em  Mr Dale Johnson M 11:00AM-12:00PM
5366 SPFEM-3101-B Spiritual Formation I - Em  Karen Kennemur T
5367 SPFEM-3101-C Spiritual Formation I - Em  Richard Ross W
5994 SPFEM-3101-C2 Spiritual Formation I - Em  Candice Finch W
6127 SPFEM-3101-C3 Spiritual Formation I - Em  Mr Dale Johnson W
5368 SPFEM-3101-D Spiritual Formation I - Em  John Derouen TH

Foundations of Educ

5352 FOUND-3333-A Theology & Phil of Chrn Educ  Patricia Nason M 12:00PM-02:45PM
6416 FOUND-3333-C Theology & Phil for Chrn Educ  Patricia Nason   -
6468 FOUND-4353-C Curric Design for Chrn Min  Patricia Nason   -
5354 FOUND-5902-A Foundations Field Exp (OJT)  Patricia Nason M 11:00AM-11:50AM


5546 HMKNG-4803-A Topics in Hmkng: Fmly Res Mngt  Patricia Ennis TTH 02:30PM-03:45PM

Human Growth & Development

5357 HUMGR-3013-A Bib Anthropology & Pedagogy  Matthew Harrison TH 06:15PM-09:00PM
5358 HUMGR-3013-B Bib Anthropology & Pedagogy  Matthew Harrison WF 11:30AM-12:45PM

Student Ministries

5369 STMIN-4323-A Student Ministry Essentials  John Derouen M 12:00PM-02:45PM
5370 STMIN-4343-A Student Ministry Strategies  John Derouen TTH 01:00PM-02:15PM
5371 STMIN-4363-A Role of Stu in Rev & Awakening  Richard Ross WF 07:00AM-08:15AM

Women's Ministry

5737 WOMIN-3513-A Leadership in Women's Ministry  Terri Stovall M 12:00PM-02:45PM
5801 WOMIN-4123-A Biblical Counseling for Women  Cheryl Bell WF 01:00PM-02:15PM
5739 WOMIN-4373-A Women's Issues  Candice Finch TTH 08:30AM-09:45AM


SYNM Course No. Title Instructor Days Times

Modern Language

5437 MODLG-3113-A Beginning Theological German  Joshua Williams TTH 04:00PM-05:15PM
5438 MODLG-3213-A Beginning Theological French  Jennifer Davis TTH 08:30AM-09:45AM
5439 MODLG-3313-A Beginning Theological Latin  Dongsun Cho TTH 02:30PM-03:45PM

Seminary Core

5540 WRCOM-3302-A Written Communication  Steve Fine TH 06:15PM-08:00PM

Roy Fish School of Evang/Missn

SYNM Course No. Title Instructor Days Times

Applied Ministry

5171 APLEV-4031-A Applied Ministry  Mike Morris T 11:30AM-12:20PM
5172 APLEV-4041-A Applied Ministry  Mike Morris TH 11:30AM-12:20PM
5173 APLEV-5602-A Great Commission Mentorship 1  Mike Morris  
5174 APLEV-5612-A Great Commission Mentorship 2  Mike Morris  
5175 APLEV-5622-A Great Commission Mentorship 3  Mike Morris  


5248 EVANG-3000-A Personal Evangelism Practicum  Mike Morris  
5249 EVANG-3000-B Personal Evangelism Practicum  Mike Morris  
5250 EVANG-3303-A Contemporary Evangelism  Matt Queen M 08:00AM-10:45AM
5251 EVANG-3303-B Contemporary Evangelism  Brandon Kiesling TTH 11:30AM-12:45PM
5252 EVANG-4383-A Evangelistic Preaching  E. Scott Maze WF 07:00AM-08:15AM
6132 EVANG-4493-A Intro to Nrth American Ch Plnt  Steve Lee WF 01:00PM-02:15PM
5507 SPFEV-3101-A Spiritual Formation I-Evang  Mike Morris W
5508 SPFEV-3101-B Spiritual Formation I-Evang  Dean Sieberhagen T
5506 SPFEV-3101-C Spiritual Formation I-Evang  John Massey TH

Islamic Studies

5389 ISLST-4263-A Pre-Islamic Chrnty in Mid-East  Dean Sieberhagen M 12:00PM-02:45PM
6208 ISLST-4273-D Islamic Texts: Qur'an & Hadi  Tony Maalouf  
5391 ISLST-4283-A Chrn Inquiry Islamic Fth/Prct  Dean Sieberhagen WF 11:30AM-12:45PM
5440 MODLG-3513-A Beginning Arabic I  Lamis Maalouf TTH 11:30AM-12:45PM
5441 MODLG-4513-A Introduction to Qur'anic Arabi  Lamis Maalouf TTH


5404 MISSN-3000-A Distance Learning Orientation  Keith Eitel T 06:30PM-08:30PM
5405 MISSN-3100-A Missions Practicum  Mike Morris  
5406 MISSN-3100-B Missions Practicum  Mike Morris  
5407 MISSN-3363-A Introduction to Missiology  Keith Eitel TH 06:15PM-09:00PM
5408 MISSN-3363-B Introduction to Missiology  Dean Sieberhagen TTH 08:30AM-09:45AM
5411 MISSN-4333-A World Religions:Missn Appr  Mike Morris WF 08:30AM-09:45AM
5413 MISSN-4353-A Biblical Foundations of Missn  John Massey M 03:00PM-05:45PM
5415 MISSN-4493-A Intro to Nrth American Ch Plnt  Steve Lee WF 01:00PM-02:15PM
5417 MISSN-4503-A Intro to International Ch Plnt  Daniel Sanchez WF 01:00PM-02:15PM
5419 MISSN-5373-A Cross-Cultural Witn Gosp/Min  John Massey TTH 01:00PM-02:15PM
5421 MISSN-5413-A Missiological Issues: GCRN  Mike Morris TH


SYNM Course No. Title Instructor Days Times
6050 ETHIC-4383-A Ethical Theory  Travis Dickinson WF 11:30AM-12:45PM
5397 MATHE-5001-A Ma Theology Thesis Research  Mark Taylor  
5398 MATHE-5003-A M.A. in Theology Thesis  Mark Taylor  
5399 MATHE-5010-A M.A. Theol Continuous Enrollmt  Mark Taylor  
5400 MDVTH-5010-A Mdiv Theol Continuous Enrollmt  Mark Taylor  
5509 SPFTH-3101-A1 Spiritual Formation I-Theology  Paul Hoskins M 11:00AM-12:00PM
5510 SPFTH-3101-A2 Spiritual Formation I-Theology  John Taylor M 11:00AM-12:00PM
5511 SPFTH-3101-B1 Spiritual Formation I-Theology  Paul Gould W
5512 SPFTH-3101-B2 Spiritual Formation I-Theology  Thomas Kiker T
5513 SPFTH-3101-B3 Spiritual Formation I-Theology  Joshua Williams T
5514 SPFTH-3101-B4 Spiritual Formation I-Theology  Steven Ortiz T
5515 SPFTH-3101-B5 Spiritual Formation I-Theology  Vern Charette T
5516 SPFTH-3101-C1 Spiritual Formation I-Theology  Evan Lenow W
5517 SPFTH-3101-C2 Spiritual Formation I-Theology  Aaron Son W
5518 SPFTH-3101-C3 Spiritual Formation I-Theology  W, Madison Grace W
5519 SPFTH-3101-C4 Spiritual Formation I-Theology  Ryan Stokes W
5520 SPFTH-3101-D Spiritual Formation I-Theology  Candice Finch W

Applied Ministry

3810 APLMN-3001-A Applied Ministry: CPT  Michael Wilson  
5178 APLMN-3101-A Internship  Michael Wilson  
5297 APLMN-3102-A Internship  Michael Wilson  
5387 APLMN-3103-A Internship  Michael Wilson  
5299 APLMN-3201-A Practicum  Michael Wilson  
5179 APLMN-3202-A Practicum  Michael Wilson  
5300 APLMN-3203-A Practicum  Michael Wilson  
5301 APLMN-3301-A Mentorship  Michael Wilson  
5302 APLMN-3302-A Mentorship  Michael Wilson  
5180 APLMN-3303-A Mentorship  Michael Wilson  
5183 APLMN-3401-A Apprenticeship  Michael Wilson  
5303 APLMN-3402-A Apprenticeship  Michael Wilson  
5304 APLMN-3403-A Apprenticeship  Michael Wilson  
5184 APLMN-3501-A Disciple-Making  Michael Wilson  
5185 APLMN-3502-A Disciple-Making  Michael Wilson  
5186 APLMN-3503-A Disciple-Making  Michael Wilson  
5187 APLMN-3601-A Leadership  Michael Wilson  
5188 APLMN-3602-A Leadership  Michael Wilson  
5189 APLMN-3603-A Leadership  Michael Wilson  
5191 APLMN-4021-A Applied Ministry-Mentoring  Michael Wilson M 11:00AM-11:50AM
5192 APLMN-4021-B Applied Ministry-Mentoring  Charles A. Stewart M 11:00AM-11:50AM
5193 APLMN-4021-C Applied Ministry-Mentoring  Charles A. Stewart M 05:00PM-05:50PM
5194 APLMN-4021-D Applied Ministry-Mentoring  Michael Wilson T 11:30AM-12:20PM
5195 APLMN-4021-E Applied Ministry-Mentoring  Michael Wilson T 04:15PM-05:05PM
5196 APLMN-4021-F Applied Ministry-Mentoring  Michael Wilson W 11:30AM-12:20PM
5197 APLMN-4021-G Applied Ministry-Mentoring  Michael Wilson TH 11:30AM-12:20PM

Archaeology and Archaeological Method

5198 ARCHE-3203-A Arch of the New Testament Wrld  Thomas Davis TTH 08:30AM-09:45AM
5395 MAABS-5001-A Thesis Research  Mark Taylor  
6442 MAABS-5003-A Thesis  Mark Taylor  
5396 MAABS-5010-A M.A. Theol Continuous Enrollmt  Mark Taylor  

Baptist Studies

5217 BPTST-3203-A Baptist Heritage  W, Madison Grace M 03:00PM-05:45PM
5218 BPTST-3203-B Baptist Heritage  W, Madison Grace WF 08:30AM-09:45AM
6488 BPTST-3203-CF Baptist Heritage  W, Madison Grace  
6487 BPTST-4613-C British Baptists  W, Madison Grace  

Biblical Backgrounds and History

5201 BBHST-3333-A Hist'l Geography Bible Land  Steven Ortiz WF 11:30AM-12:45PM
5944 BBHST-4103-A Social/Cultrl Set-Anct Palest  Thomas Davis TTH 11:30AM-12:45PM
6490 BBHST-4203-C Soc & Cultrl Set of Palestine  Thomas Davis  

Biblical Studies

5208 BIBST-3203-A Biblical Hermeneutics  John J. Yeo WF 08:30AM-09:45AM
5209 BIBST-3203-B Biblical Hermeneutics  John Taylor M 08:00AM-10:45AM
5210 BIBST-3203-C Biblical Hermeneutics  Charles Martin TTH 01:00PM-02:15PM

Biblical Theology

5211 BIBTH-4343-A New Testament Theology  Paul Hoskins TTH 08:30AM-09:45AM
5212 BIBTH-5593-A Issues in Biblical Theology  Ryan Stokes M 03:00PM-05:45PM

Christian Ethics

5237 ETHIC-4303-A The Christian Home  Evan Lenow TTH 08:30AM-09:45AM
5238 ETHIC-4303-B The Christian Home  Evan Lenow M 06:15PM-09:00PM
5240 ETHIC-4323-A The Bible & Moral Issues  Evan Lenow WF
5241 ETHIC-5323-A Selected Iss of Life & Death  Evan Lenow TTH 11:30AM-12:45PM
6154 ETHIC-5353-A Special Topics in Ethics  Steven Smith   -

Church History and Historical Theology

5226 CHAHT-3103-A Church History I  W, Madison Grace TTH 07:00AM-08:15AM
5227 CHAHT-3103-B Church History I  Kevin Kennedy M 03:00PM-05:45PM
5228 CHAHT-3103-C Church History I  Robert Caldwell WF 01:00PM-02:15PM
6228 CHAHT-3113-C Church History II  Robert Caldwell  
5219 CHAHT-4333-A Theology of John Calvin  Kevin Kennedy TTH 01:00PM-02:15PM
6430 CHAHT-4703-C The Development of Doctrine  Malcolm Yarnell  

New Testament

5258 GREEK-3313-A Biblical Greek I  Aaron Son WF 07:00AM-08:15AM
5259 GREEK-3313-B Biblical Greek I  Mark Taylor TTH 11:30AM-12:45PM
5260 GREEK-3313-C Biblical Greek I  Paul Hoskins WF 01:00PM-02:15PM
5261 GREEK-3313-D Biblical Greek I  John Taylor M 06:15PM-09:00PM
5262 GREEK-4313-A Translation/Interp: Galatians  John Taylor T 06:15PM-09:00PM
5263 GREEK-4313-B Translation/Interp: Sel Psgs  Aaron Son TTH 11:30AM-12:45PM
7213 GREEK-4323-C Exegetical Method  John Taylor  
5265 GREEK-5073-A Exegesis of I Corinthians  Mark Taylor TTH 01:00PM-02:15PM
5444 NEWTS-3313-A Basic New Testament I  Aaron Son TTH 08:30AM-09:45AM
5445 NEWTS-3313-B Basic New Testament I  James Wicker M 12:00PM-02:45PM
5446 NEWTS-3313-C Basic New Testament I  James Wicker TH 06:15PM-09:00PM
5447 NEWTS-3323-A Basic New Testament II  James Wicker WF 01:00PM-02:15PM
5794 NEWTS-4063-A Romans  Paige Patterson T 07:00PM-09:30PM
5443 NEWTS-4073-A First Corinthians  Mark Taylor TH 06:15PM-09:00PM

Old Testament

5280 HEBRW-4313-A Biblical Hebrew I  Randy Payne WF 07:00AM-08:15AM
5270 HEBRW-4313-B Biblical Hebrew I  George Klein TTH 11:30AM-12:45PM
5281 HEBRW-4313-C Biblical Hebrew I  Eric Mitchell M 06:15PM-09:00PM
5271 HEBRW-4356-A Biblical Hebrew I and II  George Klein TTH 01:00PM-03:45PM
5272 HEBRW-5003-A Translation and Interpretation  Ryan Stokes TTH 11:30AM-12:45PM
5273 HEBRW-5003-B Translation and Interpretation  George Klein T 06:15PM-09:00PM
5606 HEBRW-5593-A Exegesis of 1 & 2 Kings  Eric Mitchell WF 01:00PM-02:15PM
5454 OLDTS-3313-A Basic Old Testament I  Ethan Jones T 06:15PM-09:00PM
5455 OLDTS-3313-B Basic Old Testament I  Joshua Williams M 12:00PM-02:45PM
5456 OLDTS-3313-C Basic Old Testament I  Ryan Stokes TTH 08:30AM-09:45AM
5457 OLDTS-3323-A Basic Old Testament II  John J. Yeo WF 11:30AM-12:45PM
6237 OLDTS-3323-CF Basic Old Testament II  John J. Yeo  
5458 OLDTS-3333-A Great Themes of Old Testament  John J. Yeo M 08:00AM-10:45AM
5843 OLDTS-4713-A Daniel  Ryan Stokes TTH 07:00AM-08:15AM

Pastoral Ministry

5465 PASMN-3000-A Christian Ministry Practicum  Thomas Kiker  
5466 PASMN-3000-B Christian Ministry Practicum  Deron Biles  
5467 PASMN-3313-A Found for Christian Ministry I  Thomas Kiker TTH 01:00PM-02:15PM
5468 PASMN-3313-B Found for Christian Ministry I  Deron Biles WF 07:00AM-08:15AM
5844 PASMN-4453-A The Chaplain Ministry  John Laing T 01:00PM-03:45PM

Philosophy of Religion

5474 PHILO-4313-A Philosophy of Religion  Robert Loftin TTH 01:00PM-02:15PM
5475 PHILO-4373-A Christian Apologetics  Travis Dickinson M 06:15PM-09:00PM
6498 PHILO-4373-CS Christian Apologetics  William Goff  
5476 PHILO-5373-A Critical Thinking  Paul Gould T 01:15PM-04:00PM


5478 PRCHG-3000-A Preaching Practicum  Matthew McKellar  
5479 PRCHG-3000-B Preaching Practicum  Matthew McKellar  
5480 PRCHG-3000-C Preaching Practicum  Vern Charette  
5481 PRCHG-3313-A Intro to Expository Preaching  Vern Charette TH 06:15PM-09:00PM
5482 PRCHG-3313-B Intro to Expository Preaching  Mr Jim Majors M 08:00AM-10:45AM
5483 PRCHG-3313-C Intro to Expository Preaching  Vern Charette TTH 02:30PM-03:45PM
5484 PRCHG-3313-D Intro to Expository Preaching  William Moody WF 11:30AM-12:45PM
5897 PRCHG-3313-KO Intro to Expository Preaching  Shin Chan Jeong TTH 08:30AM-09:45AM
5485 PRCHG-3323-A Advanced Expository Preaching  Matthew McKellar TH 06:15PM-09:00PM
5487 PRCHG-3323-B Advanced Expository Preaching  Matthew McKellar M 08:00AM-10:45AM
5489 PRCHG-3323-C Advanced Expository Preaching  Vern Charette WF 11:30AM-12:45PM
6648 PRCHG-3323-CF Advanced Expository Preaching  Matthew McKellar  
5880 PRCHG-4383-A Evangelistic Preaching  E. Scott Maze WF 07:00AM-08:15AM
6204 PRCHG-5373-A Issues in SBC Preaching  David Allen   -

Systematic Theology

5527 SYSTH-3003-A Systematic Theology I  Kevin Kennedy TTH 11:30AM-12:45PM
5528 SYSTH-3003-B Systematic Theology I  Gerardo Alfaro M 03:00PM-05:45PM
5529 SYSTH-3003-C Systematic Theology I  Dongsun Cho WF 08:30AM-09:45AM
6429 SYSTH-3013-CF Systematic Theology II  Mark Leeds  
6491 SYSTH-3303-C The Trinity  Malcolm Yarnell  
5305 SYSTH-3413-A Biblical Theology of Manhood  Charles Carpenter M 12:00PM-02:45PM
5530 SYSTH-3703-A The Church  Dongsun Cho WF 11:30AM-12:45PM
6227 SYSTH-3703-C The Church  Michael Wilkinson  

Women's Studies

5547 WOMST-3113-A Biblical Thlgy of Womanhood I  Dorothy Patterson TH 06:15PM-09:00PM
5553 WOMST-4033-A Wife of the Equipping Minister  T 06:15PM-09:00PM
5549 WOMST-4043-A Expository Comm of Bib Truth  Candice Finch T 06:15PM-09:00PM

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