Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. When do class schedules become available? When can I register for Southwestern Online classes?

    Usually the schedule for the upcoming semester is available about the middle of the current semester. If you are already a student, you may register anytime during early registration and anytime thereafter, and if you are a new student, anytime during open registration and thereafter. These dates are on the Academic Calendar. You can also find your date and time for registration on WebAdvisor.

  • 2. How do I register?

    Students are able to register for online classes through the WebAdvisor on our Southwestern website. New students in their first semester, however, will register through the Southwestern Online office or directly with the Registrar.

  • 3. How do I access my Student E-mail?

    We provide a web-based e-mail account for students at Southwestern through Microsoft Office 365. All you need is a web browser and an Internet connection to access it. Typically, your instructor will send all course-related e-mail to your student e-mail address. Learn more about your Student Email today!

  • 4. When do classes start?
  • 5. What is the deadline for adding a class?
  • 6. What is the deadline for dropping a class?
  • 7. How do I pay for my class? (How do I get a bill for tuition?)
  • 8. The class I need is full. How can I get in it?
  • 9. How can I get on the waiting list for a closed class?
  • 10. Can I get on a wait list through WebAdvisor?
  • 11. How much of my degree can I do online? Can I do my entire degree online?

    You can take up to 100% of the new Master of Theological Studies degree online. All twelve courses of this degree are offered on a one or two year rotation online. You may also take courses for this degree on campus.

    You can now take up to 100% of the Master of Divinity degree and Master of Arts in Christian Education degree online. The core of both of these degrees is offered on a two-year rotation. You may also take courses for this degree on campus.

    In order to take Spiritual Formation or an Applied Ministry course, one must first complete 36 hours of online courses.   

    In order to take elective courses for the MDiv and MACE degrees, one must first complete the required core courses. Once all core classes have been completed please contact Registrar’s Office advisors to register for your elective courses.   

  • 12. What degrees do your online classes service? (What type of courses do you offer online?)

    We offer a set list of core courses every semester as well as some elective courses so that there are courses offered for most degree plans. See the Core Course List for more information.

  • 13. How much do online classes cost?
  • 14. I am interested in one of your extension campuses…
  • 15. Do you have live online chats?
  • 16. Do you work on your own time, or are there set times you have to log on to the class?
  • 17. Do I still have to go through Admissions just to take one course? (I am not a student yet, so what is the next step to being able to register?)
  • 18. How do I get my booklist?
  • 19. Can I get a syllabus in advance for my class?
  • 20. Are there scholarships available for online classes?

    First, you can ask your church for any financial assistance they could give you. Second, you can visit the Financial Aid website, to see if you qualify for any scholarships. If you do, contact the Financial Aid office to see if those scholarships will accept online only students. (Some do not.) Students who are members of a Southern Baptist church and provide a church recommendation form will receive a Cooperative Program scholarship equal to one half the base tuition rate.

  • 21. Where are the internet classes listed?

    You can view a list of courses and their descriptions by clicking here. This list will show which classes are closed by shading them gray. Make sure that you select "Online" for your Location instead of Fort Worth. 

  • 22. Do I have to attend new student orientation if I am enrolled only in online courses?

    The orientation information you need will be provided through the E-License tutorials in Blackboard. When you enroll in a campus or extension course, you will need to attend a new student orientation on that campus prior to the start of that semester.

  • 23. How will I receive my grades?

    Specific assignment grades will be posted in your Blackboard account. You may check your final grades on your WebAdvisor account.

  • 24. Do I have to choose a degree program to take online classes?

    No, you can apply with the Non-degree/Certificate application. However, you still have to go through the Office of Admissions to do this.

  • 25. Is there any discount for IMB students on the field?

    Our Financial Aid Office has information about scholarships for Journeymen/ISCers returning from the field. If you are currently serving on the field or on Stateside Assignment, you can contact the IMB about any funds they have for furthering education.


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