Online Core Courses

In order to help students plan their schedule more effectively, Southwestern Online offers core courses annually by semester.  Each semester electives will also be added to the course list for that particular semester. For instance, normally there is an English Old Testament book elective every Fall and an English New Testament book elective every Spring.  Each summer, one or two courses will be offered, but which ones will be determined on a year-by-year basis. Southwestern Online may at some point have to cancel a course due to low enrollment.

Theology-Biblical Languages
GREEK 3356 I Elementary Greek I & II - Turbo
Theology   Theology  
OLDTS 3313 I Basic Old Testament I OLDTS 3323 I Basic Old Testament II
NEWTS 3313 I Basic New Testmant I NEWTS 3323 I Basic New Testament II
NEWTS 3333 I Great Themes of the NT OLDTS 3333 I Great Themes of the OT
ETHIC 4303 I Christian Home ETHIC 4303 I Christian Home
ETHIC 4313 I Basic Christian Ethics PHILO 4313 I Philosophy of Religion
SYSTH 3003 I Systematic Theology I SYSTH 3013 I Systematic Theology II
PASMN 3313 I*  Foundations for Christian Ministry with Practicum PASMN 3313 I  Foundations for Christian Ministry
with Pratcticum
CHAHT 3103 I Church History I CHAHT 3113 I Church History II
    BPTST 3203 I Baptist Heritage
    BIBST 3203 I Biblical Hermeneutics
Theology-Biblical Languages    Theology-Biblical Laguages
HEBRW 4313 I Elementary Hebrew I HEBRW 4323 I Elementary Hebrew II
HEBRW 5003 I Hebrew Exegetical Method    
GREEK 3313 I Elementary Greek I GREEK 3323 I Elementary Greek II
GREEK 4313 I New Testament Greek I GREEK 4323 I New Testament Greek II
Evangelism & Missions    Evangelism & Missions
EVANG 3303 I Contemporary Evangelism
with Practicum
EVANG 3303 I Contemporary Evangelism
with Practicum
MISSN 3363 I Introduction to Missiology
with Practicum
Church & Family Ministries    Church & Family Ministries
EDMIN 3003 I Ministry of Education EDMIN 3003 I Ministry of Education
ADMIN 3313 I Administration and Church Law EDMIN 3013 I Theology of Church and Family
CNSLN 3203 I Principles of Biblical Counseling FOUND 3333 I Theology and Philosophy of Christian Education
    HUMGR 3013 I Biblical Anthropology and Pedagogy

*In the Fall of 2012, PASMN 3503 I - Leadership for Christian Ministry will be offered in place of PASMN 3313 I - Foundations for Christian Ministry.

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